About Bhanubhakta

One of the first things that we dream of is getting good education. Our children are precious to us, and we leave no stone unturned to provide great education to our children.

Choosing a great school that focuses on the all-round development of children is equally important. Our school matches every requirement of your child.

Computer Labs

We have well equipped computer labs with internet connection[...]

Experience Teacher

Our teachers are highly experienced and well qualified [...]

Other Activities

Sports, cultural, and various campaigns [...]

Books & Library

Updated books, reference books, newspapers, magazines [...]

The best education and all round development

For better future of your child, Bhanubhakta is the best place to trust!

News and Activities

We conduct various activities that are engaging, unique, and child focused. ECA, excursions, tours, visits, environmental programs, cultural programs, quiz, etc., here are some of the gllimpses.

Chinese cultural program

It was a nice experience for our students learning Chinese, and exchanging culural programs [...]

Bhanu Jayanti

Asar 29th is school day as well as Bhanu Jayanti which is marked by conducting various programs like cultural show, and blood donation [...]


Few months back we organized 3rd International Karate Championship for the first time. It was one of a kind tournament,[...]

Our School Services

We provide every possible care for your children. A child's complete development is not achieved unless he or she attains excellence not onlly in academics but in other areas as well. Sports, recreational activities, creative activities, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are just few things that our students indulge here.

Special Education

Sometimes our children need extra effort and love from us. We provide that too. Special care and attention is given to every students.

Hostel & Day Scholar

We well faciliated hostel, hygienic canteen, and proper couselling and homely environemnt.

Qualified Teachers

Quality brings results. We make sure that our teachers are best trained and up to date in their respective subjects. Quality education is one of our priorities.


Every year students participate in various social, environmental, sports and other activities. Needless to say they enjoy a lot.

Pre School

Our students get one of the best pre school education from our loving, experienced, and dedicated teachers.


We believe in talking and sharing of problems and ideas.We have special cousellors who counsel students on various matters.

Register For New Admission

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Our Philosophy

The school has an excellent team. We are committed to provide quality education. We believe in excellence. We believe in providing strong foundation to our students.

Safety First

Earthquake proof structures, well equipped infirmary, well trained health professional, 24/7 security.

Small Class Size

In order to maintain quality in teaching and classroom discipline, we maintain small class size

Certified Tutors

All of our teachers, staff are well educated, trained, experienced. [...]

Individual Care

Individual care is provided for every students at all levels. It will just help students to become better.


Our school buses cover almost every corner within the valley.

Child Friendly

Our teachers and staff know how to deal with a curious child


Cafeteria in our school has healthy menu and high standards

Smart Class

Modern teaching methods using various modern tools are in use

Our Activities

There are many activities conducted by the school. Such programmes help students to attain confidience and prepare them for real life. These activities teach social responsibilities, discipline, etc.

Music Classes

Various types of music are trained by our renowned music teachers. They learn how to sing in various genres, they also learn instruments like piano, drum, madal, harmonium, and violin. Few highlights are :

  1. Regular and special music classes by the renowned artistes.
  2. Music classes in here are more than music classes, they help studetns in other areas.
  3. We know that music increases IQ of studetns. So, we encourage all the students to participate in many types of musicals.
  4. There are well faciliated music classes for various levels.

Social Activities

Social activities are a must for the students to make them responsible future citizens, and make them live their life morally.

  1. There are several environmental clubs, Lion Club of Bhanubhakta, Red Cross Society of Bhanubhakta through which students organize and participate in various social activities.
  2. SCOUT students conduct several camps that enhance student's skills.
  3. Students Club of Bhanubhakta is one of the most active club in our school.


We encourage students to practise various methods while learning. After all, education is one of the important part of our lives. It is an important means to succeed in the world.

  1. Education based on practical experience.
  2. Modern and effective learning techniques with proper couselling
  3. Real world guidance and distributed practice and practice testing.
  4. Using growth mindset, thus helping students to believe in themselves with improved cognitive functioning.

Class Room

School is the second home to children, and classroom makes integral pat of it where students can interact, learn, socialize and achieve many good experience while they are at school.

  1. One can find teachers with positive midset in every classroom. Always willing to teach and motivate students.
  2. Great philosophy of classroom management.
  3. In classrooms, teachers are always paying attention to the needs and activities of students.
  4. All the classrooms are managed and set up beleiving ALL students can learn.


A fit student can achieve more, academically. So, the importance of sports can not be undermined in student's life.Sports help to achieve a sense of sel-respect, and develop friendliness among students. They are more willing to learn and participiate in various activities.

  1. Wide range of sports outside of the curriculum are offered.
  2. Sports facilities such as basketball, table-tennis, football, netball, cricket, are offered.
  3. Renowned coaches and trainers are provided for games like cricket, table-tennis, netball, football, karate, and basketball.
  4. Holiday programmes are offered during winter and academic breaks.

Bhanubhakta Gallery

Here you can find the photos of various events, tours, visits, programs conducted throughout the year.

What Students Says

First base of bright future is created with school. My experience with Bhanubhakta Memorial is totally unexplainable. It has given me a new stage for building up my career. My journey in Bhanu is full of fun It is not only but ocean of knowledge [...]

Prerana Thapa Student

Every journey starts with a single step and the journey of a child starts with school life. School is the foundation for the future of a child. Here at school, I got many opportunities to show my talent, it is an open stage for every child. This is the place where everyone is treated equally and nurtured [...]

Smriti Basnet Student

Education is one of the basic requirement of a human being. This is the place where I got my education and met many important persons of my life. The teachers are very friendly. Its not only about books in Bhanubhakta, where we got many life lessons. The school produced brightest minds, and facilities here are simply awesome[...]

Abhyas Adhikari Student

A journey is a long walk of time. A journey teaches you everything on basis of experiences. My experience with Bhanubhakta is a journey with positives. I have learnt norms and values in life. The exprience is for lifetime and they all are unforgettable. There is nothing to complain and evryday was fun filled.[...]

Sweekar Adhikari Student