Our Library

Library is very important part of student's life. It helps in incresing our knowledge and helps to spend time in a more worthy way. We have wide range of books under different categories, such as-fiction, science, reference books, encyclopedia, biography,etc. Our students can read almost any dailies, magazines, weekleys, and so on. Students can read international magazines like: TIME, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, WISDOM, SPORTS-STAR, etc.

We have altogether THREE libraries, each for Higher Secondary, Secondary, and Primary level students. Library teachers are always there to help students regarding various books and reference materials that they may require while studying.

Students can be a member of school library and borrow books and magazine. We have recently been working on the concept of Elibrary.


    1. Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.

    2. A student must have his library card to enter the library.

    3. All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the library. Only a notebook and borrowed books, if intended to return, may be taken into the library.

    4. Every student borrowing a book to take home must have it properly checked by the librarian.

    5. Books lost or damaged have to be replaced by the borrower, failing which he/she will be charged a sum equal to the cost of the lost/ damaged book(s):

    6. If any defect or damage is noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified

    7. No books may be retained during long holidays and vacations.