School Rules


Discpline is bridge between goal and accomplishments-Jim Rohn. Rules and proper counselling help to attain high degree of discipline. Rules help to create an environment which in turn motivates students to be well regulated and practice self control.

Rules that need to be followed:

    General information AND regulations

    1. Please be polite to the school staff. Their hard work deserves your sympathy.

    2. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conducts detrimental to the general interest of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil from the school.

    3. No books, periodicals, magazine, pictures, newspapers etc. other than the textbooks and study materials are allowed in the school.

    4. Pupils are themselves responsible for the safety of their books and other belongings.

    5. Pupils must not damage the properties of the school. Any damage done will be replaced at the cost of the offender.

    6. Pupils are expected to behave decently on all occasions. They should address their teachers and staff with due respect and courtesy. They must also show politeness to their companions.

    7. Every student should speak in English.

    8. Any change in the residential or business address or phone number should be immediately notified to the school in writing.

    9. Parents may meet the Director by appointment and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.

    10. Students are not allowed to come to school with any jewelry, and in case of loss of such things the school will not be responsible.

    11. Students must come to school in uniform and proper hair-cut.

    12. They must arrive on time and depart only after the school is over for the

    13. The school time is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for classes VI – X; from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for classes I – V and from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for classes Nur. – UKG. However, remedial / extra classes may be arranged before or after school for making up missed lessons. Parents will be notified for this in advance.

    14. To be eligible to sit in the final examination, a student must register at least 90% attendance at school.

    15. Day Scholars may buy their lunch/ snacks at the School Canteen. They are, however, encouraged to bring their lunch and drinking water from home.

    16. Students are not permitted to paint or grow nails; neither are they allowed to wear bangles or finger rings.

    17. Students' should not leave the classroom unless allowed to do so.

    18. They should not enter the Director's office, staff rooms or any other restricted places without obtaining permission.

    19. They should try to preserve the beauty of the classroom and of the
    school premises, and report any damages they may observe to the

    20. They should participate in games, cultural programs and other activities organized by the school.



    1. Every student must attend school regularly. Absence from school for reasons other than illness, or serious unforeseen circumstances, will not be excused.

    2. Leave may be sanctioned by the: Class teacher on receipt of a written application from the parent if the reason is a serious one and the same has to be entered in the 'Leave Record' of this diary.

    3. The gates of the school will be closed after the assembly bell in the morning. Those who are late will not be allowed to attend school on that day.

    4. A pupil who is absent from school or fails to attend school on account of being late will have to state the reason for being absent in the 'Absence-Record' of this diary and get it signed by the Parent and countersigned by the Director.

    5. A pupil may attend the hospital during school hours if the parent sends
    a written application.

    6. During school hours pupils must not leave the school without the written permission of the Director.


    1. Promotion will be decided not only on the basis of the performance of the student in the final examination but also on the whole year's overall performance of the student.

    2. The decisions of the school authorities regarding promotion will be final.

    3. A student who fails twice in the same class may be asked to leave the school.


    1. Parents may withdraw their child from the school if they are not satisfied with his/ her progress; or, for some other reasons. In either case, a formal application to this effect must be submitted to the Principal.

    2. Transfer Certificate on withdrawal is not issued and Security Deposit
    not refunded until all the dues of the school are cleared. Transfer
    Certificate can be acquired on payment of Rs. 50.


    A student is liable to expulsion from the school if he/she is found to have,

    1. Openly defied school policies.

    2. Used narcotic drugs and caused, on purpose, physical/psychological injury/damage to his/her schoolmate(s) and school staff.

    3. The Director reserves the right to suspend or expel a student for indecent behavior or gross misconduct.


    1. Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.

    2. A student must have his library card to enter the library.

    3. All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the library. Only a notebook and borrowed books, if intended to return, may be taken into the library.

    4. Every student borrowing a book to take home must have it properly checked by the librarian.

    5. Books lost or damaged have to be replaced by the borrower, failing which he/she will be charged a sum equal to the cost of the lost/ damaged book(s):

    6. If any defect or damage is noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified

    7. No books may be retained during long holidays and vacations.


    1. The computer centre is a place for concentrated learning and serious work, therefore silence must be observed.

    2. Computer is very allergic to dust and dirt, therefore shoes should be removed before entering the room. Personal belongings should not be taken into the computer room without the prior permission of the instructor/in-charge of the computer room.

    3. The computer is a sophisticated, electronic device and teaming to handle it takes a lot of practice and careful guidance by the instructor. It is therefore advisable to pay heed to what your instructor has to say.

    4. Any kind, of defect or damage must be reported immediately so that prompt action could be taken to rectify the problem.


    Parent/Guardians are requested to extend their cooperation to the school management/Authority

    1. By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and all school activities.

    2. By insisting on the neatness and cleanliness in school uniform, personal appearance and homework.

    3. By engaging private tutor(s) for their wards only after consulting the school authorities.

    4. By occasionally seeing with the Director or the class teacher to discuss the progress of their wards.

    5. By making sure their wards bring home the mark sheet of unit tests and terminal examinations on the dates mentioned in school calendar, which keeps parents/guardians regularly informed of the progress of their wards.

    6. By encouraging the students to participate in extra and co-curricular activities of the school.

    7. By checking the diary daily and filling the 'regularity' and 'absenteeism' record and also signing wherever needed.


    1. All payments should be made regularly and as per rules and regulations

    of the School.

    2. If the fees are not paid within the deadline, a fine is imposed as per the school rules and regulations.

    3. If the fees are not paid for two consecutive months, the student's name may be dropped from the school rolls and fresh admission fee may be charged.

    4. A month's prior notice is required of the withdrawal of the student, failing which the equivalent of one month's fee will be levied.

    5. No reduction in either tuition or bus fee is made for absence or broken period.

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